Co-Chair Candidates

The two Co-Chairs are responsible for keeping the Young Greens Council organized and working together as a team. They are expected to take the lead on scheduling and facilitating meetings with the support of staff, ensuring that Council decisions are made collaboratively and with consensus. The Co-Chairs ensure that the perspective of provinces and territories that are without a representative on Council are adequately considered during deliberation.

The Co-Chairs are also responsible for representing the Young Greens of Canada membership as the two Youth Representatives on Federal Council. The Youth Representatives are full voting members of Federal Council, which is the Green Party’s highest governing body.


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Hunter, Stuart (bc)

I would like to serve on the Young Greens Council because I recognize the great influence government has on every aspect of society, and I want to support people who wield that influence responsibly and take into consideration all the consequences of their actions.


Moller, Sabine (on)

My name is Sabine Moller and I am 18 years old and I am going into my second year of University at the UOttawa studying Political Science and History. I have been involved with the Green Party for 2 and a half years, starting in 2015 on the federal election.


VELEZ, avery (on)

Hello! I'm Avery (they/them) and my main identity points are non-binary trans, queer, indigenous, activist, feminist, and Newfoundlander. I apply Indigenous/ anti-colonial, trans*, and intersectional-feminist lenses to everything I do.

Provincial Representatives

Each Provincial and Territorial Representative is responsible for contributing to the work and the overall success of the YGC Council in achieving its purpose. Although each representative comes from a different jurisdiction, the mandate is to make decisions based on what is best for the YGC membership as a whole.  Council brings their diverse views and experiences together to build a united, national movement on behalf of the entire YGC membership.

contested seat: Saskatchewan


Moody, Tracey 

I am new to the world of politics, but I will strive to bring wider public awareness to the forward-thinking platform of the Green Party.

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Moore, Andreea

I want a better and more green tomorrow.

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