New Brunswick: Crawford, Delaney

As a representative for the province of New Brunswick for the Young Greens of Canada, I would bring to discussion not only a voice for youth, but a voice for women and for sexual and mental health minorities as well. I want to represent these groups and ensure that their concerns are heard.This is of importance to me because I believe that these groups are underrepresented in Canada. Beyond representing these groups, I am deeply passionate about the health of Canada's environment.

I am dedicated to reducing plastic waste and the effects of human activity on the environment in New Brunswick. By getting involved in the Young Greens of Canada, I hope to learn more about how I can better the state of our environment, and bring my own ideas to the table. I am an active member of the Fredericton Young Greens, and as such was a participant in the Fredericton Young Green’s expert panel on mental health hosted by David Coon. If I were elected as the New Brunswick representative for the Young Greens of Canada, I would further discussions using my own views and experiences. I would also take advantage of this opportunity to inspire change in my own community.


Denis Boulet; Josh Sallos