• Eric Gilmour - ON 
  • Nick Noble - BC  
  • Sabine Möller - ON 
  • Nathan Daisley - BC
  • Alex Pasek - BC 
  • Aislinn Ferris - BC 
  • Joel Woznow - BC
  • Alice Liu - QC 
  • Meghan Hunter BC 
  • Sam Dick -BC 
  • Daniel von Schulmann - BC

Full Biography:

I would like to serve on the Young Greens Council because I recognize the great influence government has on every aspect of society, and I want to support people who wield that influence responsibly and take into consideration all the consequences of their actions.

I’ve been quite involved in the BC and federal Green parties since 2015. I have some experience in party governance as I served on my provincial riding association in Saanich North and the Islands. In terms of campaigning, I learned a lot during our provincial election in which I helped out on Andrew Weaver’s and Adam Olsen’s campaigns, and I was on a campaign team right from the start when my friend and fellow Young Green Nathan ran for municipal council in View Royal last fall (I was responsible for communications support and data management).

I have just finished my third year at UVic in French and Classics. These may not seem like the most relevant subject areas, but an understanding of culture and history is important when thinking about the world, and knowledge of both of our official languages is essential to an effective national organization. Since about two weeks after I started at UVic I have been involved with our campus club―I serve on our executive as Communications Chair.

My experience at the club, riding, and campaign levels gives me both a desire to see better collaboration between the various party groups and the knowledge to help improve their interactions.