Manitoba: Lamoureux, Bryanne

Hey everyone! I am a 23 year old university student who is currently completing a double major in Environmental Studies and Sociology. I am an environmentalist at heart; this is expressed through the actions I take every day to reduce my own impact on the environment. I am heavily involved in Winnipeg's downtown community, and I am a proud Franco-Manitoban.

I joined the Green Party in order to become more informed about both local and global issues. I was involved in the federal election of 2015, where I worked with the Green candidate for the Provencher riding. I have since moved to Winnipeg and am in the process of getting to know other local Greens.

Though my political experience is limited, I possess many skills that would be of use in this position. In the last five years, I have organized various events and activities, ranging from fundraisers to sports teams. I have also helped organize a sustainability festival at my university, and have acted as treasurer for our geography and environmental student group for the past year. These various activities have given me organizational and communication skills that I believe would allow me to be a successful representative.

As the representative for Manitoba, I would strive to accurately represent the concerns of Manitoba's young greens by communicating with all members on a regular basis. I hope you will do me the honour of making me your representative; you will not be disappointed!


Larry Hildebrand; Aidan Binne; David Fraser.