• Ian Soutar - BC 
  • William Gagnon - QC  
  • Sabine Moller  - ON 
  • Thana Boonlert - AB  
  • Juliana Facundo - NS 
  • Caryn Bergmann -ON 
  • Shawn Setyo - SK  
  • Calvin Winter - ON 
  • Hugh Thorborn- BC
  • Alex Bergeron - ON  

Full Biography:

Hello! I'm Avery (they/them) and my main identity points are non-binary trans, queer, indigenous, activist, feminist, and Newfoundlander. I apply Indigenous/ anti-colonial, trans*, and intersectional-feminist lenses to everything I do.

I have 3 years of experience with policy, including work on implementing land claims agreements, affordable housing in the North (I was on the team that secured over $100 million for Northern housing in Budget 2016), safe drinking water and infrastructure, First Nations education, Indigenous self government, international policy, the G7, gender inclusive language, trans* & queer inclusion, and research into human trafficking and gender based violence.

As co-chair I would use my voice and privilege of being a white-passing, well-spoken, conventionally intelligent, and able-bodied person to advocate for greater engagement with communities, especially with queer and trans folks, people with disabilities, and BIPOC folks. This engagement is important whenever policies are being developed or decisions made so that well-meaning though people may be, we don't make assumptions about what communities may want or need and that in trying to support folks we don't further marginalize, harm, or silence them. I would also work to bridge the gap between the YGs and federal council to make sure that YG voices are heard and respected, as well as promoting participants' rights to speak in whichever official or Indigenous language they choose.