Prince Edward Island: Williams, Jonathan

In recent years, PEI’s interest in the Green party has been rapidly growing. This is shown not only with two Green MLAs currently in-house but also in the minds of our youth. I joined the provincial party in January and loved what I saw; people working for current and long-term change, not for themselves, but everyone. And, although that includes youth, I haven’t seen many present. It’s as if the parties haven’t reached out to us yet when the amount of youth thinking Green is abundant. I feel representation would better discover and remedy issues all young Islanders encounter. It would ensure Green platforms work for everyone while providing accurate and lasting impacts.

I believe I’d make a great candidate as I’ve been very active in Island communities. I’m seen as an open and welcoming person who believes in social justice causes. With this position, I’d be committed to finding the best strategies for young Islanders; whether it’s for today or tomorrow.


Melissa MacRae; Issac Williams.