British Columbia: Woznow, Joel

I am a University student who is a passionate lover of the natural world around us and strong believer in the merits of good values in people and our political parties. I became an active Green Party member when I joined the North Vancouver EDA Board as Young Green Representative in 2016.

Since then I have volunteered in North Vancouver Community events such as Lynn Valley Days, Potlucks and various other Green Party events. I have also made environmental efforts including my victory in a governmental video contest (website link in this application) which resulted in me touring Ontario with the environment and climate change minister.

The reason I got involved with the Green Party is because I’m tired of the corruption, mistreatment, and hate happening in our country. I wanted to do my part to create a better world for us, our children, and everything that lives on this irreplaceable planet. Soon after joining the Greens I realized how many of my peers share similar views on issues yet they don’t get involved. This is where they the problem lies. That is why my main goal is to get more youth involved in politics. My knowledge and expertise with the problems that BC is currently facing make me the ideal candidate for the position. Vote for me as the Young Green British Columbia Representative and I will do my best to ensure that more youth in British Columbia get involved in politics.


Ian Soutar, Stuart Hunter, Angelica Goode, James Marshall, Sev Ebadi, Hugh Thorburn, Jen Johnson