August 10, 2016

Executive Meeting Minutes of the Young Greens of Canada

1. Participation

  • Present:

Ian Soutar            Emilianne Lepine            William Gagnon
Jesse Langelier        Cherie Wong

2. Previous Action Items

  • ACTION: Sign confidentiality agreements

  • ACTION: Prepare speeches

3. Agenda Item

  • Motion to adopt agenda

    • Motion: Ian

    • Seconded: Jesse

  • Minutes taking conducted by: Ian

    • Motion: Emilianne

    • Seconded: Jesse

  • Motion to appoint Jesse to be Representative for YGC on GPC Fund and Finance Committee: Ian
    Second: William

  • Convention Debrief

    • Newsletter: Ian update us!

      • Ian uploaded summary of convention to drive for review

        • Members who attended will make an individual review of their own experiences, excerpts of which may be included in the newsletter

    • Individual updates after convention 2016: how do you feel, what did you learn, thank you, shootouts, etc

  • PR rallies!

    • Every provincial capital plus Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa

      • Have Young Green rallies for PR outside the events EMay will be attending

      • Get YGs to attend Town Halls

    • YG campus clubs reach out: William

      • Cherie will find dates and locations to organize the actual rallies

    • Matching E’s tour with the rallies

    • #PR4U: Ian

      • Why do you want PR? Make personal videos to post, as well as interviewing people at the rallies (2 minutes or so)

      • Engage YGs in FB Group by getting them to make the video- send to

      • Emilianne will tour Quebec with Green and Lescarbeau to visit universities and grow membership and promote PR

  • Website

    • Needs to be translated and reformatted

      • Emilianne’s uncle is a website developer; agreed to sign confidentiality terms - Get website translated in three months

      • Motion to create fully functional bilingual website by November: Cherie
        Second: William

    • Reaching out to GPC for support and advice - September/October

  • Bilingualism

    • Translate the minutes after meeting & post on website

    • By 2017 fully bilingual & functional website

  • Constitution Amendments

    • By March 2017, approved by members

      • Amend to have positions able to be held for more than one consecutive term

      • Cherie will present amendments by (hopefully) January

        • Admin updates

          • ASANA Tasks

            • USE IT :) Doing great.

          • Youth committee creation

            • Details to follow, hopefully have two YGC members, two FC members, two SC members on committee

            • Youth coordinator to come! Paid position!

            • GPC: Youth coordinator

4. Varia

  • Jackson asked if FB Group is for YGC specific or for GPC general?

    • Make a post to describe purpose of group: Free for all about GPC in general

  • Motion: to create blacklist document for inappropriate comments, and after third offense, YG Council will have in-camera meeting to decide whether or not to block individual

    • Passed

5. Adjournment

  • Motion to Adjourn: Cherie

    • William Second