February 15, 2017

1. Participation

  • Present:

Ian Soutar            William Gagnon        Jesse Langelier        Cherie Wong

2. Previous Action Items

  • N/A

3. Agenda Item

Motion to adopt agenda: Cherie

Seconded: William

Motion to adopt minutes of last agenda: Cherie

Seconded: William

Funding for UVic Greens banner

  • $50

  • Discuss more in the Envisioning Session (tomorrow)

  • Ian will email Stuart to participate in Envision Session

  • Designs - External Out-source!

Public Outreach

  • Petition for PR!

    • Share the link again!

    • Reach out to campus clubs for PR Campaign

      • Share the phone number - Excel

      • Call on own time


  • William is meeting Jeff at 5PM tomorrow

  • Soraya is on the translation


  • Translated & send to Jeff

Campus Kits

  • Envision Session (what goes in)

  • Most of the budget for Promotional & Printing will go to campus swag

Global Green Conference, Liverpool UK

  • Motion: To appoint Cherie Wong and Ian Soutar as the youth delegates for the Young Greens of Canada to the Global Green Congress

    • All in favour

  • Ian is sponsored to represent FPVA at Global Greens

  • Extra $ for Travel: Sponsoring someone from Global South to Liverpool OR Sponsor another Canadian YG

    • Exploring options for another Canadian YG?

      • There are 5 delegates from the GPC: Elizabeth, Ken, Jean, Ian, Cherie

      • In need of Spanish speakers, which Ian can assist

      • Delegates needs to be representative of the Green Party of Canada and Young Greens of Canada

        • We cannot select any member to attend

        • Suggest to send another delegate, but concerns of cost and the allocation of funds

    • Motion: To donate CAD$200 to the Global Young Greens to sponsor Global South in attending Global Green Congress

      • Passed

      • Discussion: many global south GP cannot afford to send any delegate, FC & GPC were advised to send donations

    • Motion: To ask Federal Council of Canada to match the donation to the Global South

      • Passed

Motion to recommend Cherie for the Youth Coordinator position

  • Passed

  • Cherie abstain

Provincial/Territorial committee

  • Finding youth reps within provincial/territorial

  • Quebec found their youth rep

  • Awaiting other GPs to send in their reps


4. Varia

  • Next Meeting: March 6th 2017

5. Adjournment

  • Motion to adjourn meeting: William

    • Seconded: Jesse