February 27, 2017

Voting Members:

Cherie Wong        Ian Soutar        William Gagnon         Jesse Langelier (absent)

Meeting Chair: Cherie

Motion to adopt agenda: Cherie

Seconded: William

Motion to adopt minutes of last agenda: Ian

Seconded: Cherie


  • New layout!

    • Modify to create a flow on the website

    • Gradually make it better!

  • Calendar: google calendar?

  • French: Needs update & continue to translate


  • Awaiting staff

  • Upload to website & social media

Campus Kits

  • Campus clubs reach out: call & speak with all the clubs: What do they want/need?

  • SWAG Kits:

    • Quote came in, but not sure if we need professional hire to produce designs

    • Produce designs and send to campus clubs

    • Promote visual continuity with YGs

    • May 1: Ready to print

Global Green Conference, Liverpool UK

  • Ian: Leaning towards having another Spanish speaker and Canadian youth delegate to the Liverpool Congress

    • William uncomfortable to speak about whether he should go to Liverpool

  • Cherie, stated on the record: I will not agree to send a third youth delegate, I don’t believe it is an appropriate use of YGC funds

    • Global South could do with a higher donation, and it will still be affordable for YGC - to reach out and help other GPs send a delegate to Liverpool

  • Council fail to reach consensus: Table till next meeting

Next Meeting: March 6th 830PM est/530PM pst

Motion to adjourn meeting: Cherie
Seconded: Ian