January 25, 2017

1. Participation

  • Present:

Ian Soutar            William Gagnon        Jesse Langelier        

Cherie Wong

2. Previous Action Items

  • ACTION: YGC Budget 2017

3. Agenda Item

Motion to adopt agenda

  • Moved by Ian Soutar

  • Seconded by William

Motion to adopt minutes of last agenda

  • Moved by William

  • Seconded by Ian


  • Update minutes onto website & translate into french

  • Website in progress, William is in touch with Jeff Braunstein for technical coordination.

  • Cherie will coordinate with William about documents to be put on the website.

  • Ian will coordinate with William about tagging members as Young Greens when they register


  • In progress by Ian, to be translated by staff or third party.

  • Mailing out : Ian and William will coordinate with Jeff Braunstein (support@greenparty.ca)

  • Cherie will check with GPC about translation.

  • Constitutional amendments are to be send out at least 20 days before the voting.

  • Early April : to promote and involve YGC about constitutional amendments.

Budget 2017

  • Adding more detailed descriptions (Liverpool, COP23)

  • Update from GPC: 10k$ to create long term youth strategic plan.  Youth strategist will be hired in the next couple months and will join a YGC meeting for coordination.

  • Full-time youth coordinator : timeline: July.

  • GPC will provide help with budgeting and accounting.  

  • North American Greens might be able to provide money to send 1 member of YGC to Liverpool and funding for the other YGC member will come from GPC

Action Campaigns & Collab with Organizers

  • Next campaigns : proportional representation (proposed by CW & IS) (town halls and other youth engagement) & campus clubs starter kits (proposed by WG)

Campus Kits

  • Deliverables to be produced about campus kits, what every YGC council member has to provide so that we can put everything together.

    • Sample constitution;

    • Brand guideline;

    • Get the continuity clause from Marco (AB Greens);

    • Integrate Ian’s narrative about how to get started;

    • Examples of past events that happened with pictures;

    • Social media guide + templates;

    • Cheat sheet for social media to be sent to William by Ian;

    • Signs of swag;

    • Assembling : interactive PDF refering to google doc.

Counsellor Blogs

  • Integrating Young Green Stars on the counsellor blogs, putting on the newsletter.  We will integrate feature young greens for the next newsletter.


  • Youth rep from provincial/territorial green parties : working groups to be created.  Idea is to unite territorial and provincial young greens.  Requirements : meeting once a month.  Working relationship promoting both ends : YGC could promote a provincial campaing (ex : AB oil spill campaign by the AB Greens)

  • Action Campaigns: Focus on one at a time

YG Stars

  • Refer to point “Counsellor Blogs”.

4. Varia

  • N/A

5. Adjournment

  • Motion to adjourn the meeting by William Gagnon

    • Seconded by Ian Soutar