July 26, 2016

Executive Meeting Minutes

1. Participation

  • Present:

Ian Soutar            Emilianne Lepine            Cherie Wong

2. Previous Action Items

  • ACTION: Sign confidentiality agreements

  • ACTION: Prepare speeches

3. Agenda Item

  • Motion to adopt agenda: Ian

    • Seconded: Emilianne

  • Confidentiality Agreements

    • Must be signed by Council Members & volunteers

    • Protect us and the party from any potential leak of private information

  • Convention Application Winner: William

    • Putting him in contact with Honora

    • Making sure he will be able to find a place to stay and transport to Ottawa

    • Sending email to those applied - Thank them for participating

  • YG Council Training & Introduction

    • Council Application Winner: William & Jesse

      • Are they available Thursday 8PM Eastern 5PM Pacific?

      • If not, we will send doodle out for all exec members to find next available time

      • Are they GPC paid members?

    • Actions: GPC Email for both William & Jesse

    • Finding a time to meet with all council members: Ice breaker, Introductions, Hopes & Dreams

    • Putting Finance Chair in touch with GPC Funds

    • Setting up C&E Chair: Google Drive

  • Introduction to James Shaw

    • English & French (5mins total)

  • Hiroshima Speec

  • Table Talks

    • Read the outline, Questions?

    • Discussion: What encourage and engage youth? What options we have when planning events for youth?

    • Opportunity to leave their emails & info: We can send them a completed pack of the Youth Movement Package

  • Promotion on website & social media

    • Council Members make 1 website blog post per month

    • Introduction to council (pics & Bio)

4. Varia

  • N/A

5. Adjournment

  • Motion to Adjourn: Emilianne

    • Seconded: Ian