March 6, 2016

Voting Members:

Cherie Wong       Ian Soutar      William Gagnon         Jesse Langelier (joined in late)  


Emilianne Lepine     Alex Tyrell      Eric Gilmour     Jackson McLean

Meeting Chair: Cherie

Motion to adopt agenda: Ian

Seconded: William

Motion to adopt minutes of last agenda: Ian

Seconded: William

Global Green Conference, Liverpool UK

  • William would love to represent YGC at Liverpool, would be a qualified candidate, but cannot join and send his regrets

    • COP 23!

  • Donation at least $200CAD

Stefan’s YGC Membership & Hand off to Federal Council

  • Would have been an in-camera issue, but included the members as participants - to have an open conversation and public

  • Member: Stefan had published a post, accusing Member of making the issue worse, without direct mention of the persons involved (except Cherie)

    • Asked by Stefan to mediate, even tho Jackson is a regular member

  • Asking councillors where they stand

  • Member: militant position against all GPC leadership, do not think there is a reasonable to negotiate on Stefan’s side. Stefan would want to demand an appeal

  • Member: Stefan is still attacking us, trying to diminish YGC reputation - not a productive member

  • Member: no point in dealing with him - there have been months of abusive comments. Not backing off, even when told - this is unacceptable

    • Not entitled to be abusive within GPC

  • Motion: To dissociate Stefan K from the Young Greens of Canada, and to refer the issue of ongoing harassment to Federal Council, to give them full power deal with Stefan’s violation of the GPC Code of Conduct

    • Passed: unanimously in favour

In-Camera Motion: Ian

Second: William

  • Handed off election matters to staff 

Next Meeting: March 20, 8:30PM est/ 5:30PM pst

Motion to adjourn meeting: Ian

Seconded: William