November 28, 2016

1. Participation

  • Present:

Ian Soutar            Emilianne Lepine            William Gagnon      Jesse Langelier        Cherie Wong

2. Previous Action Items

  • N/A

3. Agenda Item

  • Motion to adopt agenda
  • Ian moves, William seconded
  • Motion to adopt minutes of last agenda
  • William moves, Ian seconded


  • William take on the project to translate
  • Updating minutes asap


  • Include notice of executive position changes
  • Motion: To accept Emilianne’s resignation and wish Emilianne all the best in her future
  • Jesse moves, Ian seconded
  • Motion: To appoint Ian as the interim Co-Chair of the Young Greens of Canada until the 2017 Council Election
  • William moves, Jesse seconded

Budget 2016

  • Own YGC budget, excluding staffing expenses (to be determined by GPC)
  • Any suggestions to add to it?
  • William: Keep track of members, likes, shares, follows
  • Calgary SGM

Young Greens’ Global Engagement

4. Varia

5. Adjournment

  • We have carpooling in place & accommodation
  • Australia YG’s Electoral Conference
  • Jan 27~29th
  • Funding from FC?
  • Liverpool 2017
  • COP 23
  • Select a delegate: Going along with GPC
  • N/A
  • Motion to adjourn: Ian
  • Seconded: Emilianne