November 7, 2016

1. Participation

  • Present:

Ian Soutar            Emilianne Lepine            Cherie Wong

Jesse Langelier        William Gagnon

2. Previous Action Items

  • N/A

3. Agenda Item

Motion to adopt agenda

  • Passed

Motion to adopt minutes of last agenda

  • Passed


  • Minutes are ready to be placed onto the webpage

  • Looking to integrate GPC events onto YGC website

  • December 1st: Deadline for finalization

  • Update William on suggestions

  • Ask Emily: Translation service & details of exchange

Information Pack for Campus Clubs

  • Requests from campus clubs: Asking for general info on how to get started

    • ~10 pages PDF

    • Activities, How-tos, easy information


  • After SGM, before Christmas

Constitutional Amendments

  • Look into Young Liberal’s constitution for ideas for structural organization

Budget 2016

  • Own YGC budget, excluding staffing expenses (to be determined by GPC)

  • Jesse: come up with variations, swag $,

Calgary SGM

  • Donation?

Emilianne’s to-be Vacant Seat

  • Emilianne: Personal note to public on resignation

  • William suggested Ian should take the Co-Chair position

Global Young Greens 2017

  • Select a delegate: Going along with GPC

4. Varia

  • N/A

5. Adjournment

  • Motion to Adjourn: Emilianne

    • Ian Seconded