The Young Greens of Canada

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“The Young Greens promote the core principles of green politics, help young Canadians become more active and effective within the Green Party of Canada, network Green campus and city-wide clubs, and help shape the policy and strategy of the Green Party of Canada.

— Young Greens Constitution



The Young Greens of Canada are supported by the Young Greens Council - comprised of six members elected each year by the membership. The Council is responsible for the growth and continued success of the Young Greens of Canada, and serves all members of the Green Party of Canada under the age of 30.





Cherie Wong is a returning councillor for her second term as the Co-Chair of the Young Greens of Canada. Within the party, Cherie headed the YGC's structural reform with last year's constitutional and bylaws reform. She advocated for youth engagement and inclusive policies within and outside the party, in attempt to bridge the gap between marginalized groups and the Canadian political field. Cherie is a passionate youth that will continue to dedicate herself into Canadian politics and the Global Green movement.





This is Ian’s second year on the Young Greens of Canada Council, though he was appointed to the same position in the latter half of the past term. He was previously elected for the council’s communications position. Ian is deeply involved with Green politics, having run in the BC elections, serving as CEO to the Port Moody – Coquitlam EDA, and Finance Chair for the Global Young Greens, a position he was elected to at Global Greens Congress in Liverpool. A youth advocate, Ian is also president of his local Rotaract Club and a core volunteer for the MPowerment Fraser program of YouthCO. He is fluent in French, Spanish and Portuguese and is self employed at Green Designs Landscaping.



Caryn Bergmann is quite new to the political scene, but has recently been swept up in the Green wave! In April 2017, she was the federal candidate for the Markham-Thornhill by-election, and was truly bit by the democracy bug! She really learned why it is important to get involved in politics, and even more so why young people need to voice their concerns. That's why she made the decision to get involved with the Young Greens.

Caryn has a background in accounting, green business, and childcare. She lives in Thornhill, Ontario, and loves yoga and the great outdoors! She is honoured to be the 2017-18 Communications Chair, and is excited to continue spreading the Green message to youth across the country.


muna ashraf: finance chair

Hello YG's! As Finance Chair Muna will bring her project management and experience as part of different student bodies to this position. Her vision for the YG's is for it to empower young people in being a platform that supports not only one another, but others as well to expand and grow.

She graduated from h University of Ottawa with an Honours ith Specialization in Political Science. working at a Project Management firm has given her the financial metric tools to succeed as Finance Chair. Furthermore, she's young and conscious and with her political + financial background and her strong interest in healthy living, she hopes to bridge them together and undoubtedly put forth her best to serve you as Finance Chair. She believes we can succeed through community building and awareness, increasing opportunities and presence, and giving support to all current and future YG's.



eric gilmour: Campaigns and external affairs chair

Eric serves as the Campaigns and External Affairs Chair.

Eric has been a member of the party since 2013, and first became active in the Party during the 2015 election where he became a heavy campaigner for his local candidate. Shortly after the election, he became an executive on the Simcoe North EDA.

Eric was one of several Green Party of Ontario members who went out to British Columbia during their recent provincial election to help with a campaign on Vancouver Island. Eric spent nearly two weeks on the Mark Neufeld Campaign in the riding of Saanich South.

Eric has participated in two General Meetings, the Ottawa BGM where he was first introduced to the Young Greens, and the Calgary SGM where he submitted his first policy (tabled until the 2018 BGM).

Eric is a Civil Engineering student, having graduated from St Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario, and now working on finishing his Bachelor of Engineering. He is currently based in Toronto.


nick noble: policy chair

"Political science isn't really a science!" Is a refrain often heard by political science students about their topic of study. As it happens, none of us believe it is. The assumption of rationality necessitated by the scientific method does not apply itself well to human behaviour. We understand this. However, it is a mistake to assume that science and politics do not overlap. At the heart of good decision-making are data, graphs, numbers, and tables. It is my firm belief that one of the most important duties of a leader, political or otherwise, is to transcribe scientific knowledge into policy that guides positive and constructive behaviour. This is what attracted me to the Party - evidence-based decision-making and policies backed by real data, and the recognition that there are few things more dangerous than allowing ideology and partisanship to warp our understanding of reality.

Growing up in Western Canada, particularly the Southwest Coast, gave me an appreciation for what so few people have - enormous tracts of pristine wilderness free of concrete, cars, and artificial noise. Years of hiking, camping, canoeing and kayaking have made stewardship and protection of our "empty" areas a political priority for me. Other topics in contemporary issues that I regard as especially important are defence, the balancing of ecological wisdom with current economic realities, sustainable industry, and the integrity of our democratic  institutions - courts, electoral systems, separation of powers, et cetera. I enjoy discussing these topics with anyone who has five minutes, an open mind, and a high tolerance for a lot of hot air. Drop me a line.